Murray River United Baptist Church


Murray River United Baptist Church

Church Name

Murray River United Baptist Church

Church Association

Prince Edward Island Association


Prince Edward Island


Kings County


1076 MacInnis Street, Murray River, PE




Built 1900

Historical Information

The Rev. D. G. McDonald, an extraordinary evangelist, who boosted the work in many of the churches of P.E.I., planned for some of the Acadia University theological students to spend summer vacation on the island. Mr. M. W. Brown was sent to East Point in the summer of 1875, where he remained for only six weeks, when Mr. McDonald requested him to go to Murray River, where his work greatly impacted the material and cultural landscapes of the region. During his first year, many were baptized, and a church of thirty members was organized there by Mr. McDonald. It was received into the PEI. Association in July of 1876.

The Murray River Baptist Church was built in 1900 and has a unique interpretation of the Gothic Revival style. It is important to note that when this building was originally constructed there was a bell tower, containing a bell, situated on the peak of the roof, over the front entranceway. Proportion plays a big role in this style, and in such churches where the number three can be seen frequently. For instance, the front façade on the gable end is broken up into three bays, with the front entranceway in the center and a gothic curved window on either side. The proportion of this church would have been greatly emphasized when the steeple was removed, to help break up the structure.

On either side of the building there are three more gothic windows. All the windows appear to have been replaced with white vinyl ones, for better heating efficiency. Some of the most eye-catching features and things that make this church unique include the ornate medallion window set up near the peak, containing what appears to be the original stained glass eight-pointed star. Another unique feature is the architectural embellishment of a curved arch that runs from the return eaves to the peak on the front façade. The building now has white vinyl siding and black asphalt shingles, both of which are not original to the building. The front entrance is set up high off the road, allowing for a basement entrance and height for a recreational space in the bottom part of the church.

Information provided by the church and Frank Sinnott, History of the Baptists of Prince Edward Island, 1974.




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