Arlington Baptist Church


Arlington Baptist Church

Church Name

Arlington Baptist Church

Church Association

Eastern Valley Association


Nova Scotia


Kings County


2476 Gospel Woods Road




Built before August 1931

Historical Information

In the words of M. Allen Gibson, from his column 'Churches by the Sea', “On the crest of the North Mountain, the United Baptist Church at Arlington occupies a site commanding a magnificent view of the (Annapolis) Valley and the Minas Basin.” Long before there was a building on the site, pastoral care was provided to Arlington by pastors serving at the Baptist churches in Canning or Pereaux.

In August 1931, the Adventist Church building from Scot's Bay was moved to the present location and reconstructed, giving the Arlington congregation a home for worship. In about 1954 a tower and belfry were added. In 1980, a vestry was added to the church building, and in 1988 a front entrance was added. In 2012 there was a fire in the vestry of the church, resulting in a complete renovation of the vestry, which suffered extensive smoke and water damage; the sanctuary, already in the middle of renovations, had to be repainted and restored. As part of the renovations, 'new' pews were installed in the sanctuary. The pews were donated by Trinity United Church, Canning, after that church closed following the restructuring of the United Church of Canada in Kings County. The pews, made of black oak, were cut and refinished to fit the Arlington sanctuary. Many other upgrades were completed, including the installation of new carpeting, the removal of the oil furnace and installation of heat pumps and electric heating. Two decorative back-lit glass panels, designed and created by glass artist Pamela Kinsman, were installed on the front wall of the sanctuary.

Most recently, the aging spruce trees around the church building were removed, restoring the magnificent view mentioned by M. Allen Gibson.

For some years, the congregation continued to be served by pastors from Canning or Pereaux. In 1953 The Rev. Dr. Charles Taylor registered the church with the Nova Scotia government as an independent congregation, and in June of that year, the congregation was welcomed into the Central Association of Baptist Churches, now known as the Eastern Valley Baptist Association.

Until 1985, Scott's Bay and Arlington churches shared the same pastor, many of them students from near by Acadia University. Now both churches call their pastors independently. The congregation of Arlington United Baptist Church has traditionally been small, but has always served faithfully, and welcomed all who have come to worship here. The present pastor is the Rev Sarah Scott.


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