Mount Hayden 


Mount Hayden 

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Mount Hayden

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Built 1810

Historical Information

The Mount Hayden Chapel was believed to be the first Baptist Meeting House in the Ragged Island area. This structure was rather plain and resembled other meeting houses across Nova Scotia. The building was in the Greek Revival Style, a one storey wooden structure. The building has a medium pitched side gable roof with central sloped chimney.

Meeting houses built around this time were most likely built by the influx of Dissenter populations that moved to this part of Nova Scotia in the late eighteenth to early nineteenth centuries. The Mount Hayden Chapel was erected on land donated by Thomas Hayden for the purposes of a meeting house and burial ground for the local inhabitants. Oral tradition in the area states that this structure was built around 1810 and used until 1873 when the present Baptist church in Osborne (First Ragged Island Baptist Church) was built. On May 3, 1856 the Baptist congregation at Osborne reorganized and was noted in the record as the First Ragged Islands Baptist congregation at this time. The last time services were held at the Mount Hayden Chapel in the historical record was March 8, 1862; thereafter, they were recorded as being located in Osborne. On the A. F. Church map of Shelburne County dated 1882, this church is not listed, butonly the cemetery surrounding it.

The church was destroyed because it was too small for the congregation and they needed more space in the cemetery.

No photo could be found for this church.

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