Allendale Baptist Church


Allendale Baptist Church

Church Name

Allendale Baptist Church

Church Association

Shelburne Association


Nova Scotia


Shelburne County






Built 1878

Historical Information

The construction of a church in Allendale was thanks to the driving force of the women from the community. The funds for the construction of the meeting house in this community came from the sale of pies and tea parties, and by 1878 the building was erected as a Union Meeting House, shared by both the Baptist and Methodist congregations. The land that the church once stood on was donated by Asa and Margaret (Orchard) Hupman. Around 1890 the Methodists built their own church at the corner of Canada Hill road. When the building became solely a place of worship for the Baptist congregation it was rededicated January 13, 189, by Rev. N. B. Dun.

This church was much like the Baptist church in Osborne; it had an unusual mansard roof on the central tower, on the gable end. On the flat top of the tower was a decorative railing below which were small dormered openings in the belfry. The building was int the Gothic Revival style, and had pointed, arched windows, three on each side of the structure. Entry into the building was done through the arched doors located in either side of the bell tower. The structure had a chimney located on the side of the steeple pitched roof.

Part of the pastorate for this church included Osborne and Rockland Baptist Churches. these were known as “Gertie’s Churches” due to the energetic support shown by Gertrude Leslie for the upkeep of the building. The Allendale Baptist Church received a new bell April 5, 1953, which was donated by Leslie.

In 1972, due to dwindling membership attendance the building was sold, and later dismantled. The salvaged materials were used in the construction of a home in Green Harbour.

No photos of the building could be found, only of the pulpit that is now housed in the Jordan Falls United Baptist Church.




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