Outram Baptist Church


Outram Baptist Church

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Outram Baptist Church

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Historical Information

When the schoolhouse in Outram closed, the Outram School building was then dedicated, and became a Baptist church. The original structure on this site burned down in 1865 and was later rebuilt in 1867. It was not until 1964 that the structure was converted into use as a Baptist church and did not last for many years due to larger churches being in very close proximity to this structure.

The structure was Vernacular in style, a one and a half storey, wooden structure with a locally sourced timber frame, medium pitched side gable roof, central entryway, and double hung windows.

A deed for this property in 1872 was recorded to land including this lot in the name “Charles Banks.” Charles Banks subsequently conveyed a deed to George Parker Banks which excluded “the school lot.” The school property was held by the school trustees at that time until it was transferred to the Community Hall Association who held community activities in the 1970s during which time church services were held in the building. It appears that no formal religious group managed the property and that the services were held and organized by interested community members.

Information from: County of Annapolis housing index


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