Baptist Meeting House, West Florenceville


Baptist Meeting House, West Florenceville

Church Name

Baptist Meeting House, West Florenceville


New Brunswick




77 NB-103 Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick





Historical Information

In the mid 19th-century, Several members of the Centreville Baptist Church felt a need for a Baptist Church in Florenceville. The land was purchased for 25 pounds and the Florenceville Baptist Meeting House was dedicated June 26, 1864.

The church was organized June 30, 1866 as a member of the Baptist Convention of the Maritime Provinces with 15 members. A new platform was built in 1901. The church bell was purchased April 11, 1904 for $106.53 from Meenly Company, West Troy, NY.

Due to declining congregational numbers by the mid-1970s and with the main commercial centre being on the east side of the river, services were discontinued. The church body still continued to exist with its own members, but the congregation joined with East Florenceville for services. In 1988, the two churches officially amalgamated under the name Florenceville United Baptist Church at Burnham Road (now known as True North Baptist Church).

The building still stands today and is owned by the Florenceville Baptist Church. It is the oldest church building in Florenceville-Bristol.


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