Head of Millstream United Baptist Church


Head of Millstream United Baptist Church


Avery Jackson


Head of Millstream United Baptist Church

Church Name

Head of Millstream United Baptist Church

Church Association

Saint John - Kings Association


New Brunswick


Kings County


2287 Route 880, Head of Millstream, New Brunswick




Built circa 1859

Historical Information

The Head of Millstream Baptist Church was organized in 1859; later that year they constructed this church facility. This building is built in the Meeting House style, which was typical of Baptist congregations around this time frame in Atlantic Canada. The Meeting House style is characterized by a 1 ½ storey wood-frame construction, with either one or two entranceways located on the gable end. One can tell a lot about the beliefs of a congregation by examining their architecture. Often when there are two doors, one located on each side of the front facade, one door was used by the men, and the other by the women.

This church is rather plain and lacks architectural details that are usually found on churches of this period and style. This could be due to the application of vinyl siding to the exterior, which is not original to the facility. The building features a front entrance centrally placed on the gable end, with three, large, gothic windows, on each of the eave-sides of the building. Perhaps this building was initially used as a union church, since a union cemetery surrounds the church.

This church was formerly part of the Millstream United Baptist Pastorate, which initially included Keirstead Mountain Baptist Church, Head of Millstream United Baptist Church, Snider Mountain Baptist Church, Collina United Baptist Church, and formerly Lower Millstream, prior to it being sold. Now this pastorate contains only Keirstead Mountain Baptist Church and the Head of Millstream United Baptist Church (2023).

Information provided by the church.




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