Arichat Bible Baptist Church


Arichat Bible Baptist Church

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Arichat Bible Baptist Church

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Nova Scotia


Richmond County


667 Veteran's Memorial Drive, Arichat, NS




Built circa 1850

Historical Information

Founded in April of 1995 by Pastor Walter Lawrence of Pennsylvania, Arichat Bible Church is an independent Baptist church in Isle Madame, Cape Breton. The congregation of this church in the first few years of their congregation met in houses of the parishioners. Soon after they came to the realization that they needed a larger, more accommodating space that could be designated for services.

For roughly ten years the congregation rented a space, directly across the road from where they currently meet. This space is now a café. Since around 1998, the congregation has been meeting in the present building (2021), a space which they rent. This building was built circa 1850, and its original purpose was a general store. Prior to renovations when the congregation moved in, the building maintained many of its original interior architectural features, such as a tin ceiling and ornate trim boards. This building is in the New England Colonial style characterized by its ‘boxy’ appearance, steeply pitched roof and a three-bay façade with a centrally placed doorway. This architectural style was common around 1850. This building has an evident addition to the left side of the structure, appearing to be a stairwell leading to the second floor.

Many of the original architectural features of this building are no longer there, having been removed during renovations. The building now has black asphalt shingles on the roof, brown vinyl siding on the exterior walls, and white vinyl windows.

Information from the church.




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