Amazing Grace Baptist Church


Amazing Grace Baptist Church

Church Name

Amazing Grace Baptist Church

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Nova Scotia


Annapolis County


8479 Hwy # 1, Upper Granville, NS




Originally Built 1970's, Currently built 2014

Historical Information

The Amazing Grace Baptist Church was formed in 1990, under the leadership of Mike Bartoe of McArthur, Ohio. Once the congregation was well established Pastor Bartoe left the congregation in 1996. The original structure that this congregation used was once a diner called “Burger Delight,” just outside of Bridgetown. This building was built in the mid twentieth century between 1975 and 1985, however, the exact date is unknown. The diner went out of business and was soon after purchased by the congregation in 1990. The congregation was later incorporated in 1991. This building is situated lengthways to the road and is the size and shape of a modular home. This original building that the congregation used has a low-pitched brown steel roof with white vinyl siding on the façade. The building appears to have an addition on the side facing the road, containing the main entrance into the building. With this addition the building is now in the shape of an “L.” There are four windows on the building, all of which are vinyl. The most eye-catching feature of this building is the wooden cross, attached to the structure, containing the name of the church. The new structure (built 2014) was originally built by the congregation to house their “Old Fashioned Bluenose Camp meeting,” an event that brings together independent Baptist congregations from across the province. It is now the main facility that the congregation uses. This building was originally designed in the style of a barn, with tall ceilings and unfinished walls. Now that it is the main church, it has been completely finished inside and has white and blue steel on the roof and brown steel on the exterior walls. Photos of the interior are of the building built in 2014. This church is an independent Baptist church.

Information provided by the church.


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