Bass River United Baptist Church


Bass River United Baptist Church

Church Name

Bass River United Baptist Church

Church Association

Colchester-Pictou Baptist Association


Nova Scotia




20 Benoits Lane, Bass River


Alternative Use


Built October 1892

Historical Information

A Baptist congregation for this church can be dated back to November 1841, with Rev. John E. Cogswell, dedicating time for a mission in Bass River, Londonderry, Economy, and Advocate.

It appears that prior to this structure being built parishioners were charged with walking to the Meeting House in nearby Portapique.

Very few of the church records are available for around the time of the church’s construction in 1892. The opening day there were three services held here, the first with Rev C. H. Haverstock officiating, later in the afternoon with T. D. Davison, and in the evening with Brother T. A. Blackadar. The first wedding held here was in 1895, that of Agnes Marion Fulton.

Prior to June 1st, 1898, this church was known as the Baptist Cchurch of Portapique, but due to its location being in Bass River it was changed to the more suitable name Bass River United Baptist Church.

The last pastor for this church Pastor Larry Tirrell who served as minister here from September 2007 to May 2021. In June of 2021 the church and contents were sold to a neighbouring landowner who hopes that in the future the church will be able to open its doors once again as a place of worship.

During a Sunday service in 2011, the church was struck by lightning and due to this event had its spire on the steeple removed and replaced with the four sides curved roof we see today (2021).

Like many churches across Nova Scotia there is a steeple on the gable end and a three-bay façade with three, fifteen pane rectangular windows on three sides. Ornate mouldings are visible above each window and the double doors on the front of the structure. A large addition has been built on the right side of the structure and was used as an office for the minister and social gatherings.

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