Virginia East Baptist Church


Virginia East Baptist Church

Church Name

Virginia East Baptist Church

Church Association

Annapolis-Digby Association


Nova Scotia


Annapolis County


1 km from Virginia East and Princedale Branch Road intersection


Alternative use


1906 - 1907

Historical Information

This structure is a Greek Revival, one and a half storey wood timber frame construction. It has a teeply pitched gable roof with front gable or temple plan, along with an enclosed one-storey entry on fa├žade. Two chimneys come from the roof of structure, and a small dormer and door break the roof line on the east side of the house. Outside steps lead to this door (not original to when it was a church).

This structure is the former Virginia East Baptist Church and part of the Clementsvale Pastorate. It was built, according to oral tradition, by James Brown as head carpenter in 1906 and completed on January 11, 1907. The church began to be dismantled in 1971 and the structure was sold in 1973 for $350 to the Coomb family that currently (2021) own the building. No deed could be found for this transaction or the property on which the church stood.

Photos from Denise Rice
Information from County of Annapolis housing index


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