Wilmot Baptist Church


Wilmot Baptist Church

Church Name

Wilmot Baptist Church

Church Association

Annapolis- Digby


Nova Scotia




194 Dodge Road, Wilmot, N. S.




Constructed circa 1875

Historical Information

The land for the Wilmot Union Church was donated by descendants of Rev. John Wiswall who was the Anglican Minister for the Wilmot-Aylesford area between 1790 and 1810. Lumber for project was brought from the “Plains Church”. During the first years of its existence, the Union Church housed 3 or 4 different denominations including: Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian. In terms of architecture the church style is Gothic Revival with a steeply pitched front gable roof and a central bell tower with hip and flared roof over the entryway with decorative supports. In 1874 the heirs of the late John Wiswall sold the land for $2500.00 to William Stephenson, Elias Phinney and Henry Phinney. This was to provide for the site of a meetinghouse for the community.

In 1949, the Wilmot Baptist Church was reorganized at a meeting held in the home of Mrs. Clarence Angevine. Later, in 1953, Wilmot re-united with the Lower Aylesford pastorate comprising Tremont, Harmony, Greenwood, and Wilmot churches. In 1978 the South Farmington School, across from the church, was leased as a church hall. The structure was purchased in September of 1979. One section of the school was renovated into a parsonage and the other into a Christian Fellowship Centre, used for social and educational events.


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