Nuttby United Baptist Church


Nuttby United Baptist Church


Avery Jackson


Information provided by the Atlantic Baptist Archives and the church.

Church Name

Nuttby United Baptist Church

Church Association

Colchester Association


Nova Scotia


Colchester County


3907 Hwy 311 Nuttby, NS




Built 1906 - 1908

Historical Information

Nuttby started in the school house in 1878 being officiated by Rev. Charles Martell. In 1882 the church started its Sunday School and the church grew and they were ready to build their own church for the community in 1906. The church was finished in 1908.

Over a century and a quarter this church has seen many changes as the world transformed into what we have today. Early members would arrive by horse and carriage or on foot to a church with no electricity and no washroom. The hitching post outside the church was the norm of the day, where now many have no idea what a hitching post is.

Nuttby’s association with the Onslow Baptist Church gave it the start it required and established a firm foundation of faith and service in the community. When the Onslow Baptist Church closed, Nuttby became affiliated with the Truro Heights Baptist Church which helped it continue to maintain a place in the community and grow.

Through the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s a series of student pastors from Acadia Divinity School worked with the congregation to continue the ministry of the church in this community. For many years, Nuttby closed its doors for the winter months because of the difficulty of keeping the snow cleared from the door and the problem of heating such a large building. Yet, the church remained strong and stable and they continued to meet and serve their community.

In the late 70’s they had a full time pastor which became the norm for the next 3 decades. In the 90’s, it was decided to keep the church open through the winter months and through the dedication and hard work of the members, the driveway was plowed and the fire was lit early in the mornings prior to meeting.

This church was built in the Meeting House style. The Meeting House style was typical of Baptist and Congregational congregations around this time frame in Atlantic Canada, due to its simplistic and rather quick-to-build design. The Meeting House style is characterized by a 1 ½ storey wood-frame construction, with either one or two entranceways located on the gable end. This building would have been covered in either wooden clad boards, or cedar shakes, and had a roof covered in wooden shingles. Heating sources during this time consisted of either a wood or coal burning stove, with illumination within the building coming from either whale oil or kerosene oil lamps.

This church has hints of Gothic Revival architectural embellishments, evident in the use of two Gothic Revival windows on the gable end, flanking the centrally placed doorway, and four on each of the eave-sides. This church is now covered in white vinyl siding, which somewhat detracts from the overall character defining elements of the structure.

Information provided by the Atlantic Baptist Archives and the church.




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