Advocate United Baptist Church


Advocate United Baptist Church


Avery Jackson

Church Name

Advocate United Baptist Church

Church Association

formerly Cumberland Association


Nova Scotia


Cumberland County


3605 Highway 209, Advocate Harbour


Alternative Use


Built circa 1880

Historical Information

The former Advocate Baptist Church in Advocate Harbour, Cumberland County, was built in the 1880s. After ceasing to be an active church in 2015 and being deconsecrated the same year, the building was purchased by Greg Morris, a contractor, who transformed its church hall into a restaurant called the Old Church Café. The building is typical for its time in terms of style, and has immense historical and architectural significance due to the amount of untouched wood detailings inside, and architectural embellishments still present inside, such as the original pews and pulpit. This structure is a centrally placed tower on the gable end, and is in the Gothic Revival style, evident in the detailings found both in the straight pointed windows, and the wood details inside.

Morris, along with John Grant, restored the building extensively, addressing issues such as a leaky roof and upgrading the electrical system to meet code requirements. While the church hall was converted into a restaurant, the original sanctuary remains intact, featuring wooden pews, stained glass windows, a piano, and a pump organ dating back to 1901. The sanctuary has been preserved for potential wedding ceremonies or funerals, as it holds sentimental value for members of the community with ties to the former congregation.

The Old Church Café opened its doors in the summer of 2017 and operates approximately three days a week. Overall, the community has responded positively to the church finding a new purpose as a restaurant, although some individuals expressed discontent about the establishment obtaining a liquor license, emphasizing the shift from its previous religious function.

Having reached a point in their lives where they feel it's time for someone else to take over, Morris and Grant are currently seeking a buyer for the church and café. The property was listed for sale in 2022. He has received interest in the property but wishes to ensure the buyer appreciates the historical significance of the building. Morris expressed concern about potential buyers wanting to strip the interior items for sale, emphasizing his desire to preserve the church's history rather than see it demolished.

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