Yarmouth North Baptist Church


Yarmouth North Baptist Church

Church Name

Yarmouth North Baptist Church

Church Association

Yarmouth Association


Nova Scotia


Yarmouth County


8 Elm St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia




Built 1871 - 1876

Historical Information

Organized in 1871, Yarmouth North Baptist, designed by architect James B. Kinney, didn't become a
whole and complete church until 1876. This area of north Yarmouth was then known as Milton and the
church as Milton Baptist Church. At some point in the intervening years the area and church both
became part of north Yarmouth.
Until 1906, this was quite a beautiful church, with a tall spire atop the nicely ornamented tower, with
four smaller spires surrounding the central spire. This changed with a single lightning strike. The central
spire was gone, but the four smaller spires remained for some years after. The tower originally had
rounded pilasters at each corner, with more of the same down each side of the sanctuary. As well, there
were once a series of tall, slender spires or finials forming the tops of each of the pilasters on the
building. The tower, not including the spire, was once much taller, with Gothic arched vents above and a
large rose window over the entrance.
All this is now gone, the tower a completely unadorned square with a low pyramid for a roof. The only
noticeable vestiges of ornamentation left on the building today are the hoods over the windows and the
closely spaced brackets under the eaves.
Information from Yarmouth County Museum & Archives Tri-County Vanguard Yarmouth & Acadian
Shores / CĂ´tes acadiennes et Yarmouth




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