Hartland United Baptist Church


Hartland United Baptist Church

Church Name

Hartland United Baptist Church

Church Association

Northwestern Association


New Brunswick




349 Main St, Hartland, NB




Structure built in 1964

Historical Information

The congregation that makes up the Hartland United Baptist Church has its origins with two congregations that are older than the structure they worship in today. The Free Baptist Church was organized in 1843 and later began constructing their first place of worship in 1871, with construction ending four years later and the building being dedicated December 25, 1875.
In May 1906 the Free Baptist Church and the Calvinist church united to become the United Baptist Church. Services for this congregation were held in the Calvinist Baptist Church and Free Baptist Church was primarily only used for its lower-level parsonage for Sunday School and other activities.
The Calvinist Baptist Church (built 1890) burned October 16, 1963 and on August 6, 1974 the Free Baptist Church (built 1871) was torn down.
This led to the construction of the current Hartland United Baptist Church. This church is like other churches of its time, built in the mid-century modern/modernism style. The large, thin and tall spire on the medium pitched roof is an atypical architectural feature from this era. Large windows on the gable end of the structure are also one of the most eye-catching features of this structure. There is a large extension to the left of the main structure, believed to house recreational space, spaces for Sunday School and offices for the leaders of the church.


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