Centreville United Baptist Church


Centreville United Baptist Church

Church Name

Centreville United Baptist Church

Church Association

Annapolis- Digby


Nova Scotia




Centreville, Digby, N.S.


Alternative Use


Constructed circa 1860

Historical Information

The Trout Cove Church was originally part of the First Digby Neck pastorate. In later years the church divided and Little River and Sandy Cove became the Second Baptist Church. One of the highlights in the history of the Trout Cove (Centreville) Church was a revival in the year 1832 under the leadership of Deacon Jacob Cornwell. The meeting house itself was erected around 1860 and was built on a small piece of land donated by James Graham. According to D. I. McClare’s “The Digby Neck Pastorate”, the building was known as the Crandall Baptist Meeting House. Although Rev. Peter Crandall would have been the father of this Baptist work, Rev. B.J. Johnson was this church structure's first pastor. The church building was sold in 1970.