Germantown United Baptist Church


Germantown United Baptist Church

Church Name

Germantown United Baptist Church

Church Association

Albert Association


New Brunswick


Albert County


Germantown Cemetery, RR 114, Albert County, N




Built circa 1820 - 1860

Historical Information

The Germantown United Baptist Church was constructed in the Meeting House style, a common style among protestant congregations in early to mid-nineteenth century Atlantic Canada. This style is often characterized by its small and rather plain facility, with no steeple, and gothic embellishments. The front entrance was often on the gable end, with either two entrances, one on the left and right sides of the front façade, one meant for the men and the other for women; or a centrally placed doorway. In the case of this structure, it had two entrances.

This structure had classical architectural design, evident through the uncluttered façades, corner pilaster boards, and classical style pediments adorning the doorways and windows. The front façade on the gable end, in its simplistic design, was broken into three bays. The central bay had a rounded top window located near the peak of the medium pitched roof, and a larger, rectangular windows was located near the base of the structure.

On either side of the structure there were three more classical style rectangular windows with classical pediments. On the rear façade of the church on the gable end, there were two more of these windows, which flanked the pulpit on the interior. The pulpit on the interior of the church was centrally placed between these two windows, and had ornate rounded top woodwork, which was salvaged from the

building prior to its dereliction. The building's interior had wainscoting that ran throughout the structure. The interior was rather plain and was covered in plaster. The floor was hardwood, and the ceiling was plaster. This building was vernacular timber frame construction. In 1997 Acadia University documented this structure prior to its demolition. In the early 2000’s no trace of the building was left. Prior to it falling down, much of the structure was salvaged and used in other structures. All that remains is the rock foundation and the surrounding cemetery, which is looked after by the Germantown Baptist Cemetery Trust.

Information provided by the Germantown Baptist Cemetery Trust.

Photos courtesy of Acadia University.




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