Alton Baptist Church, North Alton; Formerly North Alton Baptist Church


Alton Baptist Church, North Alton; Formerly North Alton Baptist Church

Church Name

Alton Baptist Church, North Alton; Formerly North Alton Baptist Church

Church Association

Eastern Valley Association


Nova Scotia


Kings County


18 Schofield Rd, Kentville, NS




Originally built prior to 1975, current building built 1975

Historical Information

Alton Baptist Church, at North Alton, originally met in the North Alton Community Hall, located at the southwest corner of Hwy 12 and English Mountain Road. A new church and parsonage were constructed in 1975. The basement space has rooms for Sunday school hall, group meeting rooms and washrooms. An addition called the ARC (Alton Recreational Centre) was added in 1999 with Randy Aalders doing most of the carpentry work. This addition includes a gymnasium-multi-purpose room with a stage, a kitchen, an office, and washrooms.

Today (2022), Alton Baptist Church is a congregation that meets in two locations; one in South Alton and the other in North Alton. This church is in North Alton and was formerly known as the North Alton Baptist Church. Originally, Blue Mountain was part of this pastorate, prior to the congregation's name change to ‘Alton Baptist Church’.

This structure rather plain and atypical for its time in terms of style. It is a single storey structure with a basement.The front entrance on the gable end, is set up high off the ground. Above the front entrance is a yellow-colored cross, set between the doors and the vent, near the peak of the roof. This building is a wood frame construction with a medium pitched roof. The building contains few architectural details or embellishments on the exterior, which is typical for its time. This building, although relatively new in terms of age, resembles an early style of church known as the meeting house style, a common style among Baptists in the early to mid-nineteenth century in Atlantic Canada. This style is often characterized by its small and rather plain facility, with no steeple, and gothic embellishments. The front entrance was often on the gable end, with either two entrances one on the left and right sides of the front façade, one meant for the men and the other for women; or a centrally placed doorway.

The front entrance protrudes from the front façade. Near the front of the building, on the peak of the roof, there is a metal, saddleback steeple, original to the building. On the left side of the front entrance is a black, stone cornerstone. The basement is used for recreational space, along with the addition on the rear of the structure. This church is covered in white vinyl siding and asphalt shingles; both materials are original to the building’s construction.

Information from Nelson Labor and Linda Hart, Kings County Churches, Kentville: Kings Historical Society, 2014, and the church.




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