Alberton United Baptist Church


Alberton United Baptist Church

Church Name

Alberton United Baptist Church

Church Association

Prince Edward Island Association


Prince Edward Island


Prince County


327 Church Street, Alberton, PEI




Built 2009

Historical Information

The Alberton congregation dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when it was part of the O’Leary pastorate, which was founded by Reverenced Malcom Ross in 1852. By the 1880’s the congregation in Alberton had their own building and were a thriving congregation. However, in 1947, the congregation disbanded and closed their church.

For many years there was no Convention Baptist church to serve the Alberton people. This changed in the 1980’s when demand and interest began to grow to have a Baptist congregation in this area once again. The Baptist congregation in Alberton realized to have their congregation thrive and continue to grow, they would need to set up permanent roots.

On March 30, 1999 five options were presented to the church to consider in regards to some possibilities for new buildings and new properties. At that time, the church asked the committee to bring a recommendation. On August 3, 1999, the building committee brought a report back to the church and recommended that the church buy the David Clark property, which consisted of a house and over two acres of land. First, however, sufficient funds would have to be secured. The church would need to raise $25,000 in three weeks so that the mortgage would not be over $500.00 per month. The church would, then, rent out the manse for $500.00 per month to cover the mortgage. A vote was taken, and the church voted to move ahead with this recommendation.

The congregation initially met in the homes of parishioners, until in June 2009 the Alberton United Baptist Church congregation once again opened its doors. This building is atypical for its time in terms of style and architectural embellishments. It embodies the trend of facilities making their building longer and wider than it is tall. Some of the most eye-catching architectural features of this building are the three pilasters, found on each corner on the main body of the structure, the curved windows, with river-rock embellishments surrounding them, and the classical style carport housing the main entrance.

Information provided by the church.




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