Cornerstone (Cornwall) United Baptist Church


Cornerstone (Cornwall) United Baptist Church

Church Name

Cornerstone (Cornwall) United Baptist Church

Church Association

Prince Edward Island Association


Prince Edward Island


Queens County


9 Cornerstone Drive, Cornwall, PEI




Formerly Built 1993, Currently Built 2009

Historical Information

The Cornerstone United Baptist Church was founded in 1987 by Elwood Bannister and originally had 22 members. This group met initially in the East Wiltshire School in Cornwall, until they built their building in 1993. This group outgrew their 1993 edifice and decided to build a new, larger facility on the same site in 2009. While construction was underway the congregation once again met in the East Wiltshire School in Cornwall starting in 2004.

The 2009 building is a large structure that is rather longer and wider than it is tall. It is interesting to see the classical and Gothic Revival hints in this construction method, noticeable in the return eaves on the gable ends, and the rectangular pilasters on the overhangs in front of each door. The windows mimic the size and shape of those often found in older churches, with two windows situated beside each other with two above two glass pane formations in each. One of the most eye-catching features in the sanctuary, and visible from the exterior, is the large, smoothly curved window which almost acts as a way of showing in which end of the building the sanctuary is housed. This window, in its style and size, pays homage to the earlier Baptist churches in P.E.I. that often had windows of this style made of stained glass. This window’s size and shape is much like that found in the First Baptist Church, Charlottetown. The window now is positioned above the pulpit.

This church is a prime example of modern architecture paying homage to the earlier and more common architectural designs of the ninetieth to twentieth century Baptist churches on P.E.I. and demonstrates the movement these churches are making from having just sanctuary space for Sunday gatherings to a place where people meet every day.

This building is intended to be much more than just a sanctuary space, much like other church structures built in the twenty-first-century. The building is in the shape of an “H” and houses a main sanctuary, café, and offices for the pastors, and secretary on the main level, and rooms for Pebbles daycare and classes. On the bottom level basement there is a lot of recreational space mainly used for the youth and youth programs, including a movie room. Roughly one-third of the space on the main level is used for a sanctuary which features a central stage at the front directly in view from the sanctuary doors. The inside contains more architectural detailings and designs common with churches in the mid-twentieth century. The most significant details are the use of modern seating, and a hand-hewed beam cross on the wall much like that found in the Cornerstone (Stratford) United Baptist Church.

This church is part of the Cornerstone Baptist Churches in P.E.I. which include Cornerstone Montague, Cornwall, and Stratford.

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