Stewiacke Valley Baptist Church


Stewiacke Valley Baptist Church

Church Name

Stewiacke Valley Baptist Church

Church Association



Nova Scotia


Colchester County


1476 Otterbrook Rd, Upper Stewiacke, NS




Built 1986

Historical Information

The congregation of the Stewiacke Valley Baptist Church can trace its beginnings back to 1982, when two pastors in the area hosted a special meeting to see what people there thought about forming a congregation. The conclusion of this meeting was that there was much want and need from the community for their own church. The first official pastor of the congregation was Rev. Gary Lindstrom.

On March 13, 1983, the congregation officially formed. For three years after their formation the congregation meet in a local community hall. The congregation soon outgrew this meeting space, and the decision was made to build their own building. In 1986, the Stewiacke Valley Baptist Church officially opened their building and have been using it to the present (2021).

The church structure is a one storey, wood frame construction, with white vinyl siding on the exterior walls. The main entrance is in interior corner of the “L,” in a small entrance addition that has a faux-rock façade. The windows on the building are white vinyl and are one over one. The roof of the building has black steel and is a medium pitch. Some of the most eye-catching features of the building are the double, entranceway doors, and black granite corner stone situated just right of the doors.

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