Mitchell Island Union Church


Mitchell Island Union Church

Church Name

Mitchell Island Union Church

Church Association



Nova Scotia


Cape Breton County


2645 Point Edward Highway




Built 1866

Historical Information

The Mitchell Island Union Church is located on the southwest shore of the northwest arm of
Sydney Harbour, in Point Edward, Nova Scotia. It is a small white church located by the side of
the road, on a small island that is connected to the mainland by a road. The Cape Breton
Regional Municipality designated the church, graveyard and land a municipal heritage property.
The Mitchell Island Church is valued for its role in the community, for its simple architecture,
and for its associations with the history of the area.
The church was constructed circa 1866 to support the religious activities of the several small
communities in the area. Although a preacher of any denomination could use the church, it was a
"preaching station" for the North Sydney Calvary Baptist Church and services were held every
second Sunday afternoon, along with annual harvest services. The church can seat eighty people.
It is a simple wooden structure, consisting of one main room and two small vestibule areas,
which currently serve as furnace and coat rooms. Presently the church is used only for weddings
and funerals.
The building is located on a small island that is named after a sailor who washed ashore here and
who is buried in the graveyard. Currently the island is experiencing an erosion problem which is
affecting the future of the site.
Information and photos from – Canada Historic Places website




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