Barss Corner Baptist Church


Barss Corner Baptist Church

Church Name

Barss Corner Baptist Church

Church Association

Lunenburg - Queens Association


Nova Scotia


Lunenburg County


907 Barss Corner Rd




Built 1860

Historical Information

The congregation for this church dates back to April 15th, 1842, at which time there was no meeting house or church building, so they met in the homes of devoted parishioners.

In 1859, Rev. William Caldwell became pastor. The following year, 1860, the present church building was constructed. Pastor Caldwell is given credit as being the master builder for this place of worship; records state that he framed the building with his own hands. This structure was the first Baptist church to be built in this region of Lunenburg County and it is thanks to the governance of the church officials from here that parishioners went off to form other churches such as the Emmanuel United Baptist Church in Parkdale-Maplewood.

In 1969 the church changed its name from the New Germany United Baptist Church to the name it has now. In 1991 major renovations occurred to this aging structure. These repairs included exterior repairs to the front façade, a metal fire escape on the west (back) end, re-wiring, and the installation of a new furnace.

Architecturally this church is typical for its time; it is in the Gothic-Revival style with a steeple centrally placed on the gable end of the structure. Symmetry has an importantrole in this architectural movement. Things often happen in threes in this style, which occurs often here. There is a three-bay façade in the front with two gothic, curved windows, as well as one above the door. There are three curved windows going up the front face of the steeple, as well as a curved window on three sides of the upper part of this bell tower. Both the north and south sides of the structure have three arched windows, some containing ornate stained glass that is not original to the building. On the back of the structure is an addition built in the later part of the twentieth century to house church events and the ladies’ auxiliary.

A parsonage to the north was built in 1922, replacing one destroyed by fire. This structure was built at a cost of $3000 bv Mr. L. S. DeLong.

Information from Barss Corner United Baptist Church 150th Anniversary.




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