Pine Grove Baptist Church


Pine Grove Baptist Church

Church Name

Pine Grove Baptist Church

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Nova Scotia


Annapolis County


Where 45 Main St. Middleton is today, now 65 School St.


Dismantled, moved elsewhere


Built 1861

Historical Information

This is believed by oral tradition to be the first Baptist church in Middleton. There is a cemetery across the road from where this church once stood with stones dating back to the 1790s. The church structure was in the Greek Revival style. Building has a medium pitched front gable roof with a three bay façade and a large centrally placed steeple. Windows are gothic in style with their rounded tops and label hood mouldings. A medium sized gothic window is visible over the double doors.

The most eye-catching feature of this building was the large, and narrow gothic shaped windows. As one examines the central steeple from the central doorway one can see a large and narrow window, along with a smaller window of the same shape and style directly above it. The exact style of the front façade mirrors that of other Gothic Revival churches in Annapolis County. One that looked almost identical to this one is the Clarence United Baptist Church prior to any exterior alterations. It was commonplace in the Annapolis Valley that churches were constructed by local craftsmen who learned their skills in the workplace, rather than studying and getting a degree.

It was used up to 1894 and torn down in 1899 to make way for the Baptist church that is in Middleton now.

In 1894 the Baptists purchased land on the west side of Commercial St and erected a new church. This church in Pine Grove was moved to School Street where it became part of the G. N. Reagh warehouse complex (now Fitness Experience Gym).

Information from Denise Rice and the ‘History of Middleton’.


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